Saturday 4 April 2020

Bloodlet - Viper In Hand

Labels: Translation Loss Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 20 Dec 2019


1. Viper In Hand
2. Choking On The Peat

Many people will remember US hardcore band Bloodlet for their 1995 Victory Records album Entheogen (later re-released by A389 Records on vinyl in 2014) and there Embrace 7" (that was also released via A389 Records in 2014). Fast-forward nearly six years and Bloodlet found their way out of the wilderness with the release of Viper In Hand via Translation Loss Records, in late December 2019. There isn't much else I need to say about this band. Hope you enjoy.

Bloodlet was never a run of the mill hardcore band. Entheogen had a sludge backbone and that’s carried through to Viper In Hand. The title song may sound like they’ve been paying very close attention to recent day Lamb Of God or Pantera, but it’s still got their own DNA flowing through it. There’s off-kilter hardcore tempos and lumbering sludge riffs all playing their part.

‘Choking On The Peat’ is no different, with more of an instant metal or even early-metalcore feel. That might be pigeonholing it a bit too much but that’s what strikes these ears. The most obvious thing about Bloodlet on this release is their off-kilter song-writing, as mentioned above, which is why it makes complete sense for them to have found a home on Translation Loss Records. There’s experimentation here and something a bit different to the norm. 

There have been some differing reviews/opinions about this release but taking it on it’s own merit, it’s solid. Many people won’t be able to see past early Bloodlet but they need to realise that things change and so do people. If we stay still, we get left behind. This is evolution in one way or another.

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