Thursday 30 April 2020

Irillion - Fatanyu

Labels: Self-Released
Formats: Digital
Release Date: 30 Oct 2019


1. Fatanyu
2. Belzoond
3. Meneltarma

South America, the homeland of a certain Mr. Paucar Toledo (well known rip-off merchant in extreme metal circles). So much so that he gives zines a really bad name, due to his constant begging for physical review material and the like. Bands and fans alike, beware!  Thankfully, it's also the homeland of many very good metal bands and this evening I'm going to be focusing on Venezuelan (although now based in Mexico) black metal band Irillion and their second EP Fatanyu, which was released last October. The duo formed in 2015 and swiftly released their first EP Egledhron in 2016.

I can’t remember when I last featured any South American extreme metal band on here. It’s been a while though. I have to make an apology to Irillion too, because they wrote to me a while ago and have been very patient. Their take on black metal is lo-fi yet symphonic and riddled with pure evil. The title-track ‘Fatanyu’ is a mix of mid-paced and blasting metal with some of the lowest, harshest vocals I’ve heard in ages.

Musically, they’re way more solid than the production suggests on here, though that’s not a criticism of the production in any way, as it adds a huge amount of character to their music. ‘Belzoond’ is another mixed-tempo song, which kind of leans towards the doomier end of the black metal spectrum at times, while also adding flourishes of death. As a duo, they create a lot of atmosphere as well.

The final song on the EP is huge sound-wise. ‘Meneltarma’ is a driving menace that’s both up-tempo and evil at the same time. It’s probably the most orthodox black metal song on Fatanyu, yet Irillion’s ability to inject it with melody and ambience is pretty clear for all to see (and hear). When they slow things down they become a dirtier, gnarlier proposition and the variation is highly applauded.

Irillion sounds like a band mature beyond their years in release terms. Many people may avoid taking a risk on bands from South America now, but you shouldn’t avoid this one. Incredibly immersive and atmospheric black metal cloaked in intrigue and malice. 

You can stream and grab a $2 download of the EP below:-

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