Saturday 28 March 2020

Obroa-Skai/Ysidro and Eux/Ysidro Split Premieres

It's safe to say that it's been a bit of tumultuous year so far. There's one thing you can always rely on though and that's that bands keep on releasing great music, especially those who're new and more independent. This brings me to Californian USA) band Ysidro, who're releasing two splits today via digital platforms with friends Obroa-Skai (Canada) and Eux (France) respectively. It gives me great pleasure to be able to share both splits with you this evening.

Ysidro has been a project for about two years now and it's members are great friends, having played in/or currently play in notable screamo/emo/hardcore acts including Beau Navire, Lewd Acts, Nuvolascura and Elle amongst others. Both of these splits contain Ysidro's first recorded output.

Obroa-Skai from Edmonton (Canada) released a self-titled EP at the beginning of last year. They play screamo/harsh noise. Their drummer is/was in Mahria (who did an awesome split with Todos Caeran).

Eux (Paris, France) released their first record Et Les Autres in 2018 and their side of the split with Ysidro is their first music since then. They toured the UK/EU with Crowning/Swallows Nest last year. They play screamo/punk.

Obroa-Skai/Ysidro Split Tracklist:-

1. Obroa-Skai - Solastalgia
2. Obroa-Skai - Holocene Extinction
3. Ysidro - Haight
4. Ysidro - I Actually Woke Up In A Car

The Obroa-Skai side of this split can be streamed below:-

The Ysidro side is also available for streaming here:-

You can purchase the songs digitally from both bands, which will help towards the physical release.

Eux/Ysidro Split Tracklist:-

1. Eux - The Shame
2. Ysidro - Paris

You can stream and buy the tracks below. Any purchases will help towards the physical release later this year:-

Due to the current global situation, both of these splits are being released digitally now and will be available in physical formats at a later date as mentioned above.

Eux -

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