Thursday 5 March 2020

Amitie/Karloff - Split (Illuminate My Heart Records/No Funeral Records/Zegema Beach Records)

Labels: Illuminate My Heart Records/No Funeral Records/Zegema Beach Records
Formats: 5" Lathe/Tape/Digital
Release Date: 16 Jan 2020


1. Amitie - A Love Letter
2. Karloff - The Dead Will Walk The Earth

Once again, I've got a release featuring Amitie for you. I still have to write about the Chivala/Suirami split, but that'll probably be up tomorrow now. Once that's done I'm moving on. With that said, this little split was released in early January on a very limited number of 5" lathe cut records and a similarly limited amount of tapes. It features one song by Amitie and one song by Canadian screamo band Karloff.

As with the split I reviewed on Tuesday, this one is also short but it makes up for that in musical quality. Amitie’s 'A Love Letter’ starts off gently with a lengthy passage of guitar melody, before the latter half’s off-kilter emoviolence takes the floor. It’s over in a flash but the exhilaration is real.

Karloff is a new name to the blog (at least from what I can remember). Their song ‘The Dead Will Walk The Earth’ is filled with short bursts of violent noise, twinkly guitars and harsh screams. The percussion adds to the chaos and the rawness only makes it sound more heart-wrenching. 

Again, sometimes it’s not quantity but quality that makes a release special. This is high on quality and even though it’s brief in length, both bands provide glimpses into their sound. It works in a very satisfying way as it makes you want to go and seek out the rest of their music on your own. Go for it!

Stream the split and grab it as a free digital download here:-

Physical copies can be purchased (only a few remain) from the links below:-

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