Sunday 8 March 2020

Dead Man's Chest - Dear God 7"

Labels: Upstate Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 28 Feb 2020


1. Dear God
2. United States Of Me

It's my last day of holiday before jumping back into the rat race. I've been doing some review planning so over the next couple of weeks you can expect slightly higher output from me. This brand new EP has been sitting in my inbox for a little while (as have a lot of other releases, as I'm behind) and I thought now would be a good time to check it out. It's the latest 7" from international hardcore band Dead Man's Chest, which was released by New York label Upstate Records on 28th February. Dead Man's Chest have been playing hardcore/crossover now for over a decade, since their first demo in 2008.

Here’s goes then. Opening with ‘Dear God’, which is a big slab of thrash-heavy hardcore, Dead Man’s Chest lay it on thick with growled vocals, mosh-heavy drums/bass and up-lifting riffs. The tempos aren’t super in your face but do bounce and you can see why Dead Man’s Chest have been so successful over the years. Their music is well-written and precise, while also having a decent amount of technicality as well.

Second song ‘United States Of Me’ dials up the metal side of the quintets sound, especially in the guitar riffs and melody. If you find current Hatebreed material a bit formulaic then Dead Man’s Chest and Dear God will be good to turn to. It’s proper hardcore and is definitely as step-up from a lot of modern beatdown in my opinion. 

It’s a short EP, which hopefully hints at more to come from the band this year but even as a standalone release it’s great. As mentioned above it’s up-lifting and will got your motivation flowing, which is perfect now that the days are getting longer. We all need more positive hardcore in our lives.

You can stream and purchase Dear God digitally and on vinyl via Upstate's bandcamp below:-

It's also available via other distributors and information can be found on the Dead Man's Chest Facebook page here -

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