Saturday 21 March 2020

Misanthropic Aggression - Alcoholic Polyneuropathic Freaks In Hell 7"

Labels: Boris Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 20 Apr 2020


1. Alcoholic Polyneuropathic Freaks In Hell
2. Retired From Life (Last Day Of Work)
3. Blacklisted

I finally have enough energy to write again. Sorry for the radio silence over the last week. I didn't have the big-C but the effect it's having on society is obvious to see. The Prime Minister announced earlier that all bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants and other social spots need to close from midnight tonight, to help reduce the spread of the virus. This is massive for bands, fans and for society as a whole. Of course, it was always going to happen but announcing it as late as they did on a Friday means that everyone's going to party as if it's their last night out ever. 

I've had my fill for the evening and my party involves the brand new 7" from Atlanta (USA) black-death thrashers Misanthropic Aggression. The band was formed in 2015 and released their first demo in 2017. They released the Inability To Cope EP the following year via Boris Records, whom they're working with again for this new release. 

Opening with a spoken-word sample that brings to mind American doom-sayers, Misanthropic Aggression launches into title-track ‘Alcoholic Polyneuropathic Freaks In Hell” with some sludge-like riffs that flow into deathly black-thrash. The riffs and blasting percussion are joined by hellish vocals of both the low and higher-pitched variety, leaving no time for respite. It’s catchy though and awesomely old-school.

‘Retirement From Life (Last Day Of Work)’ is a heady mix of slow death metal and cold black metal. The tempo does increase toward the latter half and it becomes a grooving mess of extreme madness that ends abruptly. Closing song ‘Blacklisted” hits the spot in terms of tempo and upbeat riffs. That’s not to say it’s an easy-listen but M.A. does make it a fun one. In fact this is probably the most fun number on the 7”. 

This EP definitely contains a huge element of that old-school heavy metal vibe, which makes it’s infectious spirit even more enjoyable. Extreme music doesn’t have to be all evil and anti-life. M.A. are great fun and this EP proves why.

You can stream the title-track below via Boris Records on bandcamp:-

The 7" is also available to pre-order in both physical and digital formats via Boris Records above.

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