Tuesday 30 July 2019

False - Portent

Labels: Gilead Media
Formats: Vinyl/CD/Digital
Release Date: 12 Jul 2019


1. A Victual For Our Dead Selves
2. Rime On The Song Of Returning
3. The Serpent Sting, The Smell Of Goat
4. Postlude

Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA) black metal band False recently released their newest opus, following the "Hunger" EP from 2017 (and the "Neither Path Nor Gate" Decibel Flexi from May of this year). This time, they've chosen four songs spanning over forty-minutes and in turn have elected to truly take the listener on a journey of intensity and intrigue. "Portent" was released earlier this month via Gilead Media on vinyl, on cd and also digitally.

False’s black metal has become a thing of melodic majesty of late. Not melodic in a watered down way, but an engaging one. Album opener A Victual For Our Dead Selves is a case in point, as following those initial bars the music contained within is symphonic thanks to the guitar work and the keys, as it backs up the possessed vocals. It’s frenetic as well, with a tempo that allows the band to put a huge amount of music into not a lot of time (in the grand scheme of things anyway). That journey I was talking about above begins here and False drags you in deep. 

The tempo and the textured black metal doesn’t let up on Rime On The Song Of Returning. It’s as if it’s a mere movement as opposed to an actual song. This time though, False injects it with some pace changes that draw it into mid-paced territory at times. The synths/keys do a great job of harnessing the more sensitive side of the band, though they’re probably not there for that reason alone. The mix of extremity and warmth works so well. 

The third full song on “Portent”, The Serpent Sting, The Smell Of Goat, takes the form of incredibly atmospheric blackened doom filled with whale-song like guitar riffs and percussion that relies less on complete battery and instead on restrained backdrops to what is quite orchestral and ambient. As pretentious as my description may seem, there are so many facets to False’s sound that it could be painted in many ways. This is after all the longest number on “Portent” and also the most entrancing. 

It’s fitting that it’s now raining heavily outside, as the sound of it makes for a perfect bedfellow to the music contained here. Album closer Postlude and its dramatic piano drowns out Mother Nature for the briefest of moments as it lets just enough light into the room and into your heart. “Portent” is a subtle album that’s pulled forwards by it’s ever evolving song-writing. False is most definitely not false. 

You can stream "Portent" and order it on both physical formats below:-

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