Tuesday 16 July 2019

Nuitville - When The Darkness Falls

Labels: Ashen Dominion
Formats; CD/Digital
Release Date: 10 June 2019


1. When The Darkness Falls
2. Cold Water
3. Recueillement (Amesoeurs Cover)

I'm not afraid to say that I enjoy Deafheaven and similar bands. Alcest too, although I appreciate that the two are considered poles apart by those who know their black metal better than I. Ukrainian blackgaze band Nuitville is one that I hope I can hold in as high regard and the solo-project's first release "When The Darkness Falls" is my introduction, having been released last month via compatriot label Ashen Dominion.

Choral and Stirring are not words used to describe black metal too often but Nuitville’s mix of BM and shoegaze is definitely considered so. Avant-garde but also heavy with plenty of melody and the sensitive use of harsh vocals on the opening title-track make it something very unique indeed. There are so many facets to this that it’s hard to describe in just one listen (I’m live-reviewing again).

Cold Water is more immediate in its delivery and also due to its shorter length, more urgent in the tempo department. That being said, it’s still really engrossing and enjoyable, especially when the clean singing takes hold. It’s hard to believe that this has been written and is being performed by one person. 

Lastly, Nuitville covers Recueillement by French black metal/post-punk band Amesoeurs and it’s a great fit for the band’s sound. The melodic riffs are more pronounced and the level of ambience is very uplifting. The air is hot and humid again tonight but this is perfect as it washes over with it’s cooling atmosphere and instrumentation. A short EP then but one that’s filled with great promise, both musically and stylistically. 

You can stream "When The Darkness Falls" and buy it on CD and digitally via Ashen Dominion below:-

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