Saturday 6 July 2019

F.Emasculata - Take Me Home EP + Discography

Labels: Rip Roaring Shitstorm Records/Pumpkin Records/Autonomonster Records/Charlie's Big Ray Gun Records/Hell Hath No Fury Records/Back From The Dead Records
Formats: CD/Digital
Release Date: 09 Feb 2019


1. Roadrunners
2. What's In The Jar
3. Field Trip
4. Season 10
5. The Great Mutato
6. Nisei
7. I'm A Medical Doctor
8. Little Green Men
9. Fire
10. E.B.E
11. Tooms
12. What Do You Want From Me
13. What Do You Believe
14. Black Oil
15. S.T
16. Erlemeyer Flask
17. F.Emasculata
18. Samantha
19. Pinck Parcel
20. Copy Song
21. Season 9
22. Nobody
23. Z - 15
24. Shane
25. X Files

Friday nights are made for old boxsets of cult TV shows. None more cult than the X-Files. This release from the best X-Files themed hardcore punk band in the UK, F.Emasculata, is the aural equivalent of said box set as it comprises their new EP alongside remixed an remastered versions of their first two EPs "The Truth" and "IAXFE". This CD was released by a heap of DIY and not-for-profit labels. 

The first six tracks on “Take Me Home” make up the new EP of the same name. After the humorous Mulder/Scully exchange at the start, EP opener Roadrunners is fast and angry with gang vocals and raucous hardcore punk instrumentation. That’s very much the modus operandi of F.Emasculata. Their music is fast and heavy and What’s In The Jar flies by too quickly, though their changing tempos make it worth it as they flit from fast to slow to fast. Field Trip is just a straight up hardcore punk song that’ll beat you around the head. The spoken word vocals of Season 10 are great and lead you into a song that’s more like a bar-fight anthem than anything you’ve heard. It probably wasn’t meant to be that way but it’s great all the same. The Great Mutato is the lead single on this EP and as hardcore songs go this is like AFI on steroids. EP closer Nisei is both off-kilter and caustic, which is the best combination and one that works so well.

Next up are the remixed and remastered songs from the 2015 EP “IAXFE”. This whole EP is fast with a powerviolence-like influence and an undisputed punk bounce. I’m A Medical Doctor and Little Green Men exhibit this perfectly. Fire is less than sixty-seconds long but musically it’s fuller than the length suggests, while E.B.E could be considered one of their sludgiest. Tooms has a post-punk vibe to it with the verses being punctuated by mid-paced heaviness. There’s a point in every record where songs go by in a blur and that point is reached when you get to What Do You Want From Me, but only because it’s over in the blink of an eye, just like What Do You Believe, which is rammed full of snotty punk attitude. It’s fucking great! The angular riffs are a welcome addition on Black Oil. There’s progression in them there strings. Penultimate song S.T is one of the catchiest I’ve heard by F.Emasculata while Erlenmeyer Flask just goes hard, but not in a tough-guy way. 

They finish up with their 2013 debut EP “The Truth” and this set of tracks is by far the fastest. The song that bares their name begins in sludgy fashion but gets quicker and quicker, with loads of raw punk in their for good measure. That punk flows into Samantha, which is just angry. Pinck Parcel and Copy Song are dirty and grimy in a good way, with F.Emasculata’s rawness coming through for all the right reasons. Season 9, much like Season 10 on “Take Me Home” is over too quickly. The UK sound that’s on show throughout this whole release is great because it would have been easy for F.Emasculata to resort to a more American sound. Nobody and Z - 15 are prime examples of the snotty UK sound that courses through whole swathes on British punk. Its kind of an obvious statement to make I know, but there’s certainly no copyist crap going on here. F.Emasculata chose an original theme and ran with it. Closing songs Shane and then X Files need no explaining and with that it’s all over.

It’s hard to talk about a record that contains this many songs (I’ve tried here and probably failed), so don’t try and dissect it. Press play, crack open a beer (or whatever) and jam it loud. F.Emasculata’s punk is both vibrant and raucous, as it should be.

Stream and download "Take Me Home" below:-

According to the bandcamp page there is one CD copy left, so you know what to do.

If bandcamp is wrong, you can still buy copies from the below labels:-

Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records -
Back From The Dead Records -

Charlie's Big Ray Gun Records -
Back From The Dead Records -

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