Sunday 10 March 2019

V/A - Hardkore Dokument UK #1 7"

Labels: Kibou Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 05 Dec 2018


1. The Domestics - Cherry Blossom Life
2. Pizzatramp - The Only Good Tribute Band Is A Fucking Dead One
3. Grand Collapse - Dock
4. Wolfbeast Destroyer- Carved Into Bone
5. Rash Decision - The Shaman
6. Guilt Police - It's A Dirty Church But We All Love Filth

Technology may be our "friend" now but it can still be notoriously slow. While I wait for things to happen I have some prime listening time, so I'm getting down and dirty with the latest comp 7" from Kibou Records, focusing on 6 of the UK's best hardcore-punk bands. If you've been following the blog for a while you may well be familiar with both Wolfbeast Destroyer and Rash Decision, as they've both featured before. The Domestics, Pizzatramp, Grand Collapse and Guilt Police are familiar names but this is the first time I've listened to them, so again the comp format more than proves it's worth.

Opening band The Domestics have close ties to Kibou Records so it’s only right that they kick things off. Their fast hardcore almost crosses over to madcap PV on Cherry Blossom Life. Angry and rageous but with tight musicianship and a sense of fun too. There’s no tough guy core present on here and Pizzatramp delivers good old-fashioned noisy, driving hardcore on The Only Good Tribute Band Is A Fucking Dead One. In fact no song on here goes beyond two-and-a-half-minutes, so you’re in the right place if you like it fast.

Grand Collapse lull you into thinking they’re a melodic punk band before blazing a trail with powerfully screamed vocals and instrumentation that borrows from garage-punk on Dock. As a band, Grand Collapse really stands out, though there’s not a bad band on here. I featured Carved Into Bone by Wolfbeast Destroyer when I wrote about their split tape with This Ends Here in 2017, so I’m not gonna go into too much detail about it here. What you get with Wolfbeast Destroyer is driving crusty hardcore with a nod to Motorhead. 

Rash Decision is back with a new song in the form of The Shaman and following on from last year’s awesome album “Karoshi”, it’s yet again filled with rage and riffs. They’re fast turning into one of the UK’s best, which is what this comp has set out to showcase so it’s no surprise. Ending with the raw, bass-filled noise of Guilt Police and It’s A Dirty Church But We All Love Filth reminds you of the dirty underbelly of UK hardcore-punk and it couldn’t be better. It shows that less-polished doesn’t always mean sloppy and it rounds out a comp that’s filled with quality over quantity. This review might not be the longest I’ve ever written, but it doesn’t need to be. Let the music do the talking.

You can stream the comp and buy it on vinyl and digitally below:-

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