Monday 18 March 2019

Apostles Of Eris/Raining - Split Songs Premiere

Early April 2019 will see the release of this new split tape via Zegema Beach Records and Larry Records. I've been given the awesome privilege of being able to premiere a song by both Apostles Of Eris and Raining.

Apostles Of Eris began life as the solo-project of Nashville (now Richmond, USA) musician Jesse Mowery (of Dawn, Karoshi, Altar of Complaints, as well as many more). David Norman (Swallows Nest, The World That Summer and more) has since joined AOE and provides vocals on the split. The duo's song Mikey Got His Gun is rash but beautiful hardcore with subtle emo-whimsy.

Raining calls Dunedin (New Zealand) home and shares connections with Apostles Of Eris, as some of their members used to play with Dave Norman in a band called Emö Lendvai when he lived in the land of the long white cloud. Members also played or play in the likes of Sewage, Astronaut Club and Glorified!, as well as more. Their song Inoperant is a savage blast of emo-violence with multi-layered vocals.

You can stream both songs via my Youtube channel (embeds below):-

These songs fill me with excitement and I can't wait to hear the full split when it's released. Keep your eyes peeled on the various band/label links below for more news and pre-order info. The tape is only limited to 100 copies so you'll want to move fast!

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