Friday 1 March 2019


Labels: Pax Aeternum Digital
Formats: Digital
Release Date: 01 Feb 2019


1. Dusted
2. D.I.W.I.W.Y.L.

It's finally the end of the week and I wanted to reach for something a little off the beaten track. L.A. duo INTRCPTR are that something and "II" is their second offering. The band, featuring members of Pelican and 5ive, released this two-track record digitally via new Dark Operative Records imprint Pax Aeternum at the beginning of February. Without anymore waffling from me, let's get into it...

It’s always exciting to hear what two members of already established heavy bands are able to come with when they jam together. INTRCPTR are a little passed the jamming stage it has to be said, but this is still something to behold. Dusted is an incredibly groovy instrumental filled with doom, noise, riffs and fantastic percussion. Both Ben Carr (guitars) and Larry Herweg (drums) leave no holds barred as they take you through layers of cleansing sound.

Obviously, their musicianship was already held in very high regard given their resumes but as instrumental music goes, this is genuinely compelling. D.I.W.I.W.Y.L. is no less entrancing and its tempo matches that of Dusted, keeping the momentum high. It’s noise levels seem to rise up during the mid-section and then fall away to reveal incredibly technical guitar/drum work. Some may consider instrumental music to be safe and simple, but INTRCPTR prove otherwise and floor you with ease. 

This release may be brief but it’s one that you’ll go back to over and over again. 

Stream and purchase "II" digitally below:-

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