Thursday 28 February 2019

Toxik Attack - Assessinos Em Serie

Labels: Hellprod Records
Formats: CD/Digital
Release Date: 31 Jan 2019


1. Thrash Maldicao
2. Seita Do Punhal
3. Loucos Pelo Old School
4. Prazer De Matar
5. Assessinos Em Serie
6. O Sanguinario
7. Morte Toxica
8. Detidos Pelo Metal
9. Pentagrama De Sangue

I'm keeping it heavy tonight with Portuguese thrash metal band Toxik Attack and their debut album "Assessinos Em Serie". This speed metal loving quintet from Braga released their album with the help of Hellprod Records at the end of January, following their previous 2014 demo "Brutal Attack" and their 2016 EP "Thrash On Command". Much like death metallers Ravenous Death last night, Toxik Attack worships at the alter of the old school. So much so in fact, that they're due to support Agent Steel in Lisbon in May. 

That cover art tells you all you need to know about Toxik Attack’s thrash antics and they waste no time in showing off their musical chops. Opener Thrash Maldicao is pure madness with the kind of semi-clean/theatrical growls that Death Angel would be proud of. The instrumentation is solid as well with precise drumming and riffs inspired by the best in the business.

While their music is considered extreme, it’s not super heavy. Seita Do Punhal illustrates that with the help of a madcap vocal delivery that sometimes crosses over into glam territory. When they gallop though they gallop well and with plenty of groove. It’s really cool to hear metal like this presented in Portuguese, not that I can translate it. Loucos Pelo Old School just continues to up the quality stakes on “Assessinos Em Serie” as Toxik Attack rip through just over four-minutes of good old thrash that really does nod to the old school. 

From here they up the urgency levels on Prazer De Matar and with it the energy levels (as if they weren’t energetic enough already!), with the help of belting drums, gang vocals and increased tempos. It’s over all too quickly and it leads immediately into the title-track, which is equally as good. Toxik Attack have a bit more bite when they’re really going for it but this song is their calling card and it’s progressive touch is great.

The high-pitched screams at the start of O Sanguinario do bring to mind Tom Araya and his vocal delivery, but that’s where there similarities to Slayer end for me. Yes their riffs are inspired by the thrash legends in places but I think Toxik Attack do have their own take on the sub-genre and are confident enough to let it show through. Morte Toxica is one of their more melodic songs, especially in the vocal department while the theatrics aren’t forgotten about either. The further you get into “Assesinos Em Serie” the more entertaining it becomes. It’s definitely one for both true speed/thrash fans and for those who want an introduction to the sub-genre’s modern exponents.

Things get silly on penultimate song Detidos Pelo Metal, where piercing high-pitched screams rule the song as it flies by in the blink of an eye. Album closer Pentagrama De Sangue is Toxik Attack’s attempt at a thrash balled, complete with dramatic organ and male-voice choir, but it doesn’t stay that way for too long, as it’s their final chance to rip into some grooving and neck-snapping thrash goodness. This album is great. It’s not too lengthy and Toxik Attack manages to retain both momentum and your attention throughout. It looks like thrash metal is alive and well in Portugal! Obrigado!

You can stream the album and grab it on cd or digitally below via Hellprod Records -

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