Sunday 17 February 2019

Via Fondo - Fast EP

Labels: Zegema Beach Records/Truelove Entertainment (now known as Through Love Records)
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 15 Jan 2014


1. Not Yet
2. Rovaniemi
3. Secrets

I want to fit one review in before I head out so here's the third instalment in my Zegema Beach Records series, which I started a few weeks back. This time, I'm featuring the 2014 single-sided 12" EP (with a silk-screened B-side) from Swedish screamo band Via Fondo, that was release in collaboration with Through Love Records. Via Fondo has been releasing music now for eight years (though they've been quite more recently). This is the first time I've featured them on here, which I'm a little surprised about. They're part of Sweden's ever impressive post-hardcore/screamo scene, so if you're not familiar with them now's your chance.

There are so many bands in the post-hardcore/screamo sub-genre that major on quality instrumentation and Via Fondo’s is melodic and on the right side of chaotic on EP opener Not Yet. It’s the vocals that are chaotic though, as they’re delivered in the form of harsh noisy screams, dripping with genuine emotion. While the opener nears the seven-minute mark, Rovaniemi is brief by comparison and as a result is filled with an angst-laden level of urgency and it flits between beautifully controlled layers of sound and noise that increases in tempo before reaching it’s peak. Contrasting yet intelligent.

Via Fondo ends this short EP with Secrets, which once again shows their ability to write scream that’s encompassing and cinematic. It’s the instrumentation that.again creates a dramatic atmosphere as it builds in intensity and volume. Midway through, the song changes and becomes slightly more violent. It’s a journey that take you through various highs and lows, as well as the elation that you feel once you’ve made it out the other side. This is another example of why there is more substance in post-hardcore than people realise. The screamo tag is still overused by people who don’t truly understand the sub-genre, but if bands like Via Fondo are taking on their own merits, then they will surprise and excite in equal measure.

You can stream "Fast" over at Via Fondo's Bandcamp page below:-

You can purchase the EP digitally from ZBR here - 

Through Love Records has long since sold out of their copies of the LP but you can still buy them from ZBR here -

Next up will be La Parade...

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