Wednesday 13 February 2019

Sense Offender/Pupil Slicer - Split

Labels: Self-Released
Formats: Digital
Release Date: 28 Feb 2019 (Physical release TBC)


1. Sense Offender - God Complex
2. Sense Offender - Godless Complex
3. Pupil Slicer - Crusher
4. Pupil Slicer - Spectral

I've been a little bit quiet over the last few days but here's scoop for you. An early listen to the new split from North-East England's mathy hardcore band Sense Offender and London's similarly noise Pupil Slicer. This four-tracker comes out around the end of the month and will be self-released digitally, prior to a physical release later in the year. This marks the first of two splits to come from Sense Offender this year and is their first recorded output in almost a year. Pupil Slicer are new name for me and this is the trio's first release in over eighteen months. Both bands are kindred spirits, as they shared stages with Hexis during their UK tour last July/August.

This promises to be a violent blast and first up is Sense Offender. Their opener God Complex is a tech-laden sub three-minute smash to the head, with blasting drums, metallic riffs and deep bellow ranging from hardcore to death metal. Amongst all of the chaos, Sense Offender slots in a short and quiet passage that lulls you into thinking that’s it, before the grinding their way to the end. It’s a sharp jolt and one that reasserts your attention in time for Godless Complex. There’s even more ferocity in their second song and the grind is mixed with breakdown-inducing guitar work and scream a-la Trap Them. If you’re in need of a true eye-opener then look (or listen) no further, 

Pupil Slicer waste no time on the appropriately named Crusher. Their mix of grind and death is raw in a good way and also groovy too. The metallic flourishes and higher-pitched screams remind me of Sikth, which is more than solid while their glichy/pinched riffs later on are perfectly placed. Their second song Spectral is very much more of the same and get gradually more madcap as it progresses. As with Sense Offender before them, it’s pretty staggering how much music Pupil Slicer fits into these two songs but as they descend into a sludgy slow/fast mire, you’ll be left smiling.

Sense Offender’s caustic aggression has not wilted one bit since the release of their debut I last year, while Pupil Slicer is definitely another new band to watch in 2019. Our little island continues to produce the goods, so make sure this is at the top of you list of release to check out when it’s set free to feast at the end of the month.

You can listen the previous output from both Sense Offender and Pupil Slicer below:-

Keep an eye on their social media pages below for more news on the release:-

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