Tuesday 11 July 2017

This Ends Here/Wolfbeast Destroyer - Split Tape


1. This Ends Here - Sharp Elbows, Sharp Knees (Part 1)
2. This Ends Here - Sharp Elbows, Sharp Knees (Part 2)
3. Wolfbeast Destroyer - There Is No Hope
4. Wolfbeast Destroyer - Thrown To The Wolves
5. Wolfbeast Destroyer - No Turning Back
6. Wolfbeast Destroyer - Carved Into Bone
7. Wolfbeast Destroyer - The Triumph Of Death
8. Wolfbeast Destroyer - Whistlers & Mortars

Here's a new split from Bristol atmospheric post-rock band This Ends Here and Boston (UK) d-beat mob Wolfbeast Destroyer. The split has been released on tape via Prejudice Me Records & Distro, Fenland Hardcore Collective and Never Fall Into Silence Records. I previously wrote about This Ends Here and their 7" EP "Afterwards" way back in 2014(!) but Wolfbeast Destroyer are featuring for the first time and are completely new to me. They released an EP called "Far From Grace" back in 2011 and this split features their most recent recordings. Apologies for the delay in getting this review up.

The two tracks from This Ends Here that kick off this split are both 7+ minute belters. Sharp Elbows, Sharp Knees (Part 1) starts with pulsing, piercing noise and rumbling bass. It’s sludgy intro gives way to a lot of groove and more up-tempo metal, coupled with bleak screams/bellows. Their sound reminds me of early music by bands like Knut, Johnny Truant and Opium Lord combined. Sharp Elbows, Sharp Knees (Part 2) is no different in it’s approach either. Crusty and raw with a production to match. The subtle use of melody that sits within the mix is great and adds to the DIY feel of the tape. The next six tracks belong to Wolfbeast Destroyer and they’re a lot shorter and faster. There Is No Hope is scathing with a wall of instrumentation that doesn’t let up. The riffs and the vocal barrage remind me of the aural attack of bands like Totem Skin and Geist. Thrown To The Wolves contains more of the Scandi-crust vibe and a solo for good measure. Like with This Ends Here, the bass is prominent on Wolfbeast Destroyer’s recordings and it makes No Turning Back all the heavier. It definitely brings out the punk influence in their music and I can imagine Carved Into Bone accompanying a VHS skate video (if VHS was still a thing). They’re stupidly catchy on The Triumph Of Death, with stomping riffs and even some twin-guitar heavy metal worship. Split closer Whistlers & Mortars forsakes all of that though and just slays. This Ends Here don’t just ape the current post-metal/doom craze that’s sweeping the UK at the moment and their noisy rock marks them out as a band that’s refreshing, while Wolfbeast Destroyer restore my faith in UK crust with their catchy (and fun!) sound. Two bands that deserve more attention.

You can stream and purchase the split digitally and/or on tape below:-

At this stage, the label's involved don't have copies up in their respective stores but I've their page links below -

Prejudice Me Records & Distro - https://www.facebook.com/PrejudiceMe/
Fenland Hardcore Collective - https://www.facebook.com/flhcc/
Never Fall Into Silence Records - https://www.facebook.com/neverfallintosilence/

This Ends Here - https://www.facebook.com/thisendshere/
Wolfbeast Destroyer - https://www.facebook.com/wolfbeastcrust

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