Sunday 23 July 2017

Breag Naofa - Cearo EP


1. The Morning Of
2. Phosphorus

Seattle doom/d-beat band Breag Naofa are preparing to release their new LP via Halo Of Flies (US) and Shove Records (Europe). Earlier this year they released this two-song EP (soon to be self-released on ltd vinyl and tape) to help quench the thirst of their fans. It contains the first recordings since their 2014 split with Children of God and it helps the sextet to once again spread their anti-religious message. Imagery and individual thought have always been important elements of extreme music and none more so are they relevant than in today's society.

“Cearo” begins with the expansive intro to The Morning Of. After the unnerving sample at the beginning, layers of guitars and percussion build and Breag Naofa’s post-metal takes form. It feels like a very slow crescendo but one that’s filled with expectation and intrigue. The majority of the song is instrumental but when the vocals do come in near the seven-minute mark, they’re low growls that accurately bring the dark atmosphere of the music to life. Phosphorus shows the band’s other side, with blasting d-beat taking over from the doom tempos. In some respects this shift makes their music even more menacing. Once again the layers of melody created by the guitars are obvious and they make for a more dramatic spectacle. Breag Naofa has never been a band to rush things or to dumb down their art in favour of mass appreciation and that is what makes them more exciting in my eyes. This EP may be viewed by some as a way to satiate listeners prior to their up-coming full-length, but “Cearo” should be counted in it’s own right as another body of work that adds to 2017’s ever growing list of high quality releases. 

You can stream and purchase "Cearo" digitally below:-

News on the physical release of the EP and of course more details about the full-length can be found via Breag Naofa's Facebook page here -

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