Friday 8 June 2018

Sense Offender - I

Labels: Self-released
Formats: Digital
Release Date: 16 May 2018


1. The Sound Of Braille
2. Prophet-Less
3. Starving Pigs
4. Anointed With Seizures
5. Weigh My Pieces

Northern England's ability to produce ridiculously heavy and caustic bands over the years, has provided us with plenty of filth-ridden metallic noise. Sense Offender is another name to add to the ever growing list. This new band features members who were affiliated with the likes of Crossburner, Cholera etc. "I" is Sense Offender's debut EP and it's currently available digitally, with a label release in the works and they're due to play some UK shows with the mighty Hexis in August.

Sense Offender could not have chosen a more apt moniker, as EP opener The Sound Of Braille begins with some piercing noise that will rattle your bones and turn them to dust. What follows is just as crazy with roared vocals surrounded by glitchy electronics and guitar feedback. Their grinding, heavy hardcore makes a proper impact on Prophet-Less. It’s technical and extreme in every sense of the word, with an unrelenting pace that's later replaced by off-kilter, down-tempo riffing. Starving Pigs plays on the band’s sense of urgency with some of the meatiest riffs this side of the likes of Trap Them and Cult Leader. 

There are also hints of Skinsuit when listening to Anointed With Seizures thanks to the experimentation and song-writing that are present, while the melody that’s on offer is foreboding and creates an atmosphere that would sit well on an (early) Dark Tranquility album. EP closer Weigh My Pieces is an example in controlled chaos with an emphasis once again on progressive hardcore with black metal and sludge-like overtones. “I” features five unrelenting songs that come and go in a blur. The less is more approach definitely works in this corner of hardcore and Sense Offender nails it. 

You can both stream and purchase "I" digitally below:-

You can keep up to date with physical release and future recording news below:-

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