Sunday 17 June 2018

Live Review: Ufomammut/White Hills/Mariana - Neurolux - Boise, ID 01/06/2018

I've tried to write the odd live review in the past on here, but because I was always too fond of getting into the bands (and the beer), I never took live reviewing that seriously. Thankfully, my friend Mikey over in the US does take it more seriously than me, so without further a do, here's a write-up of the Boise, ID leg of the Ufomammut/White Hills tour. I tried to find a flyer to add to this post but came up blank (if anybody knows of one, please let me know and I'll update the review).

When I came down to Boise, the NEUROLUX was a venue I wanted to visit. I’ve heard some cool things about that venue. So I was stoked to hear that UFOMAMMUT was coming to Boise during my visit. Along with White Hills and locals Mariana. I knew my first visit to the NEUROLUX was gonna be a awesome night.

Local band, Mariana, got things set up for this killer night. These blokes are a instrumental post-metal band, that can really create a atmosphere. I found myself getting lost into their music, and being in a totally new World. White Hills came up next. This is a 2-piece band from the New York area that plays post-punk, with some elements of industrial and swirl of noise. Their set was amazing and brooding. The singer/guitarist looked a bit like Alice Cooper, and has that commanding presence, that it just demands your attention. And the drummer (who also does vocals and synth) sounded amazing.  The way she pounded on the skins, it took control of you. And when her vocals comes in, it brings a new element. Then finally, Ufomammut takes the stage. This Italian band has been making a huge buzz in the underground scene. Their latest album, 8, has been a album that fans have been really high on. So with that being said, it was such a pleasure to see them live. Their set was a great combination of both new and early stuff. For anyone that is a long time fan, will certainly be satisfied.  The visuals were amazing. They really fit with the music. It had a bit of a apocalyptic acid trip.  It was something that you can really appreciate it, and wonder why they are signed to Neurot.  Hearing the music live was also crushing. Ufomammut just got on stage and just owned it.  The crowd was into it. Some were head banging. Others were just standing there, letting everything sink in. And right when we thought it was over, they come back out to play a couple of songs, and sent the crowd happy.

It was a really fun night with three amazing bands.  Each one had a role and they did it very well. To finally see Ufomammut was really great. Hearing people talk about their live set, made me want to catch them live. But I was really excited to see the visual, as I’m a dude who is really big on that.  Everything I heard about them, they lived up to it. And they really appreciate the people who made the trip to see them perform. White Hills was a huge surprise to me. Didn’t know a band like take would go on tour with Ufomammut. But they were a awesome addition. Their stage presence was very mesmerising. They had their own thing, and to me that’s what kept the show going fun and diverse. And it was great to catch a local band in Mariana. For a while I’ve been having my ears on the ground, when it come to the Boise scene. Every band that I’ve heard come from their has not yet disappoint. The NEUROLUX was at a awesome spot. Just across from the Alaska Center, where Radio Boise is at. And next store is The Record Exchange. One of the best record shop in town. The crowd was great. The staff was awesome. And the music was loud. It was a amazing night in Downtown Boise.

Mikey also documented the show in both still and moving forms. You can check out some of his photos and videos of each band below:-


White Hills


If you liked this live review, there will be another coming from Mikey very soon. Cheers man!

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