Wednesday 6 June 2018

Crève - S/T EP

Labels: Left Hand Records/SMYT Records/Vorax Records/Hecatombe Records/ZAS Autoproduzioni Records
Formats: CD/Digital
Release Date: 05 Jun 2018


1. Crève La Fin
2. Crève De Foi
3. Crève De Comptoir
4. Crève Les Yeux
5. Adam Et Crève 
6. Crève Charogne
7. Attrape-Crève 
8. Harsh Ou Crève 
9. Crève-Coeur
10. Crève Tout Court

I've been receiving a lot more contact directly from bands recently and for the rest of this week I'm trying to focus on some of those bands. I was intrigued when I received a promo from French hardcore/pv band Crève, because it turns out that I've featured past music by one of Crève's members before, but I can't remember who. If you're reading this Reu, please give me clue! Anyway, Crève is a new band that originally formed as a duo but is now a trio. They're from Pau in the Pyrénées and this is their self-titled debut EP.

France has been producing some savage hardcore/pv bands in recent times. Just look back to how good Moshpig were when they toured the UK with Immortal Bird last year (if you were there of course!). Crève is another reason to get behind our closest cousins on the mainland. Opener Crève La Fin is angular, noisy, fast and groovy all in one go. There’s a rawness to their sound that seems to magnify their energy levels on this recording. Crève De Foi is heady mix of punk and hardcore that spills out into something much more metallic and chaotic. The pit-inducing frenzy caused by Crève De Comptoir may be short but it’s too the point.

Crève is bound to be compared to bands like Water Torture and Lugubrious Children but they have their own sound and it’s very obvious on Crève Les Yeux. The feedback, the drumming and the off-kilter song structures help to keep things noisy, yet there’s still a real element of control in the band’s performance. That control is on show again during Adam Et Crève, which appears at first to be mid-paced when held up against the EP’s previous tracks. That is an illusion though. The stop/start bursts on Crève Charogne split it into two parts, with the second one being a blur of refs and rabid screams. 

There’s a lot of punk influence flowing through Attrape-Crève and as the band accelerates in tempo, they also stop on a dime, making it sound like it’s one song made up of four shorter, more furious ones Harsh Ou Crève is as it suggests, hash. It’s the first time that the band drops into harsh, bass-heavy noisy territory a la Full of Hell or Necro Deathmort, but it’s well worth it. They retreat back into more familiar hardcore/grind territory with the obliterating Crève-Coeur, which tries to prepare you for EP closer Crève Tout Court. The final song is as sludgy as Crève gets on here. It’s slower pace and thicker sound is much needed and it caps of a release filled with intensity and power. C’est bon!

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