Sunday 10 June 2018

Fistula/Hemdale - Split 7"

Labels: Patac Records
Formats: Vinyl
Release Date: 08 Jun 2018


1. Fistula - Whore Cancer
2. Hemdale - Miley

Here's the latest split 7" to make up Fistula's 20th anniversary series, that's already featured splits with Come To Grief and 16. This time Ohio's death/grind institution Hemdale join them. Hemdale's song is an ode to Miley Cyrus, which gives you a clue about their sense of humour, while Fistula's is about a previous acquaintance who bit off more than they could chew. Fistula will be coming over to the UK in October/November with Grime and to continue the celebrations, there will be a few more releases before the year is out.

Fistula’s Whore Cancer features a sample from the video that inspired the song and it gives it a palpable sense of anger and pity. The song is filled with groove-laden riffs, bile-filled vocal rasps and a deep and dirty low-end/rhythm section. The guitars are mighty here and as far as sludge goes, this is top quality. 20 years in the game has obviously treated Fistula very well indeed.

Hemdale’s side is filled with murky, intense grind. Everything about this song screams old-school grinding madness and there’s no pretence or electronic wizardry going on. Hemdale switches tempos and rages in both fast and slower modes, while the vocals are delivered in such a vicious way that you forget your actually listening to a human being. The samples used throughout just make it all the more bizarre.

You’ll find it difficult to keep the crazed grin off your face as this split comes to an end. If you thought that having a sludge band and a grind band on the same split wouldn’t work, you’d be wrong. Both Fistula and Hemdale have been bands for a similar amount of time, so this feels like a milestone in a way. Great stuff.

Fistula is currently out touring so Patac Records is closed; however, you can still order this split via the label's webstore and all orders will be posted once everything is open again -

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