Sunday 4 February 2018

Announcement: This Noise Is Ours Mini-Distro

I initially made this announcement via my January newsletter that went out last Wednesday, but as it's in its infancy not many of you will have seen it (there’s a great excuse for you to subscribe if ever there was one). I'm starting a mini-distro (emphasis on the word "mini" for now). 

I've been in discussions with a band already about bringing a very limited number of tapes and cd's over to kick things off and all is confirmed and I'm just waiting for the package to be shipped to me. The band that I'm distroing for is Malaysian post-hardcore/screamo band Cantilever (FFO: At The Drive-In, Sparta etc). I'm bringing over a very limited quantity of tapes (5) and cd’s (5) of their latest EP "The Fall:The Rise". You can read my review of that release here.

I will only be accepting UK orders while things take shape and ordering information will  be publicised on the blog once I've worked the finer details out. I have no grand expectations with this, other than to bring in the odd release to help promote bands but who knows what might happen.

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