Thursday 15 February 2018

Marriage Material - Making The Worry Worth It Part 1 7"

Labels: Dirt Cult Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 23 Feb 2018


1. What Can You Say
2. Left Me Waiting
3. Soggy Sock Town
4. Someone Else
5. Seasons (Live)

I'm making one of my rare forays into punk music this evening (I really need to make these  happen more often). This is the first 7" from Californian punks Marriage Material, with some of the songs taken from their 2017 demo. Its due for release via Portland, Oregon punk label Dirt Cult Records on February 23rd. The small bio about the release on Dirt Cult's bandcamp page says that the band shares a love for the likes of Hot Snakes and Toys That Kill (amongst others), so this should be cool.

It’s one of life’s joys listening to a new punk band in my opinion. Marriage Material is great. What Can You Say is both pop-like and dirty at the same time. The dirtiness comes from the garage-punk that’s rooted in the trio’s sound. It’s typically catchy and melodic. The songs aren’t long but are full of energy. Left Me Waiting reminds of Green Day before they ditched the Dookie-sound and went all commercial. Also, I get a sense of T.S.O.L too! I dread to think what Soggy Sock Town is all about, but it’s moodiness is palpable. It’s a little more chaotic but the lead riffs take it in a more surf-punk direction towards the end and I can certainly get behind that! 

The danceable drumming on Someone Else is more than matched by the rest of the trio, with yet more catchy guitar melodies and clean vocals. The closing song on this 7” is a great live version of their song Seasons. It captures their greasy punk-rock energy really well. It’s the most rock ’n’ roll they’ve sounded on this EP and its great. The constant cheering and whistling in the background tells you all you need to know. Marriage Material is making some really stonking sounds and this EP is a great introduction for people who’ve never heard them before. Let’s hope they find their way over to the UK at some point, as they’ll go down a treat. 

You can stream the 7" and buy it both digitally and on 7" from Dirt Cult Records below:-

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