Thursday 22 February 2018

Frequencies Deleted #2 - DSCORPR8S - Akashic Discrepancy (Mikey Ortega)

Labels: Self-Released
Formats: Digital Download
Release Date: 1/22/18

1. Fever Dream
2. Base Of Operations
3. Dark Times
4. Bug Powder, Bullet Breath
5. Rodent Claws
6. Seal of Gabriel

In sports, if you build of team with players who've won championships or awards for their performance, there's a good chance they are gonna have a dominant season. If you cast a movie with actors, directors, and writers who've won Oscars, you'll get a film that will do big at the box office. And when you get musicians from big established bands, then you're gonna get some killer tunes. In the experimental/noise scene, when you get a bunch of creative people with some fucked up imagination, you're gonna get something that's out there. And that's what DSCORPR8S brings to our innocent eardrums. The project features Jeremy Stilgenbauer of Small Forest, Verge Bliss of Dendera Bloodbath, and Zachary Paul (who has also collaborated with Dendera Bloodbath). What these three bring to us is “Akashic Discrepancy”. When I pressed play, it felt like I was in a French experimental film. And it's a trip I don't mind diving into.

"Akashic Discrepancy" opens up with Fever Dream. At first you think you're getting a n electronic dance track. Then out of nowhere, a sonic blast of distortion comes blaring out of your earbuds. Base of Operation sounds like an old-school video game that David Lynch came up with. As if Dig Dug took some high-level LSD, and started going to town on an Indian burial ground.  Bug Powder, Bullet Breath is one heavy track. For some reason, the image of a banshee coming right at you with a wrecking ball comes to mind. You can feel the sound just crushing your rib cage, and puncture your lungs. Seal of Gabriel is a perfect way to end “Akashic Discrepancy”. It's as if you're sitting in a field with a jack-in-the-box. Just cranking and cranking the rod. And right when the box pops, the ground starts rumbling. Fire falls from the sky and everything around you starts to disintegrate.

What gets DSCORPR8S rolling is that each member brings something to the project.  Jeremy brings that electronic sound, which at times can feel dreamy, but then takes you somewhere surreal. Verge brings here pedals, which makes DSCRPR8S a harsh noise juggernaut.  And then you got Zach, who's violin skills brings that avant-garde element to the sound. When you get creative minds together, you'll pretty much get something that's a crushing apocalyptic bliss. The soundscapes creates a World that feels like a Dystopian-Industrial graveyard. If you're a fan of these individual artist, then you're gonna dig what they brew up on “Akashic Discrepancy”.

You can purchase “Akashic Discrepancy” on Bandcamp and follow DSCORPR8S on Facebook in the links below.

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Thanks again to Mikey for taking the time to write this. I hope you enjoy it. 

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