Thursday 22 December 2016

Recollection: John (Sky:Lark!/Man Hands/Snob)

Here's the 3rd instalment of Recollection, featuring John from Sky:Lark!, Man Hands and Snob. It's been a while since the last one was posted. For anybody who's new to this feature, I've basically asked people in bands, labels etc to write about their ten favourite records and I post the completed responses here. Dead simple. 

Moving Targets - "Burning in Water"
Now THIS is my jam. Nothing makes me more envious/in awe like a proper SONG. With hooks and melodies and this LP is chock full of them. Three musicians and songwriters who feed off each other and make every bar of music special. Pretty sure the drummer never uses the same fill twice on the whole album. Perfection.

Spike in Vain - "Disease is Relative"
This one hit me out of the blue a few years back, flicking through a zine (the much missed Limited Readership) there was an interview with Spike in Vain and I HAD to get hold of this record. This is like "post-hardcore" but whilst hardcore was still happening.....proto emo???? Anyway its miles ahead of it's time and has so much going on but is totally coherent.

Battle of Wolf 359 - "The Death of Affect"
A proper life changer for me. Punk and hardcore became more than some music I'd heard about and became my friends and life. And this record was the soundtrack to it. Downtuned Heavy and Apocalyptic hardcore with Star Trek references galore.

Me and Goliath - "s/t" 10"
Goes hand in hand with the above. Watching this band absolute captivate a crowd who'd just had to suffer a post rock set was my introduction to them. This 10" perfectly captures them at their finest. The finest drum rolls in the game. 

Deftones - "Around the Fur"
Nu-metals finest hour. Thanks to various skateboarding games I was pretty into a couple of Deftones tracks by the time I started getting into music, but this is the first full album I bought by them - learning songs off this taught me about drop tunings which I've used ever since!

The B-52s - "s/t"
Listening to '52 Girls' makes me feel invincible, and I know it's given the same feeling to 1000s of freaks over the years. So much more than just 'Rock Lobster' (and I LOVE ROCK LOBSTER).

Good Throb - "Fuck Off"
My favourite thing about moving to London? Watching this band journey from hated "hipsters" playing in basements to no one, to become the most unbeatable force in UK punk - with whole crowds of people fist pumping along asking: "Did You Know The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock?"

Lack - "Blues Moderne:Danois Explosifs"
Their later albums are undeniably an influence on Skylark, when they became the worlds meanest sounding indie band. But every now and then when I've had a few shandy's I can't stop banging on about this, their first album, and end up moshing out by myself in my lounge before bedtime. The breakdown in "When even the most honest of emotions....." is one of the heaviest things I've ever heard.

La Quiete - "La Fine non e la Fine"
Screamo perfection. The sound of youths scrambling to play as fast as possible almost to the point of collapse but it's so together and the songs are so (here's me getting full emo, despite having been previously warned never to go full emo) FUCKING BEAUTIFUL.

Nachthexen - "s/t" 7"

The most recent entry to the list, and the bands debut record release. Witchy synth punk from Sheffield chronicling the frustrations of living in your own head, and also a world that's confusing and full of shitheads. 

Thanks to John for writing the above. You can find links to the noise he makes and the things he's involved in below:-

Sky:Lark! Bandcamp -
Sky:Lark! Facebook -
Man Hands Facebook -
Kinshot (RIP) Bandcamp -
Cane And Rinse (feature writing) -
Joey's Kitchen Vegan Catering -

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