Wednesday 7 December 2016

Hissing - S/T 7"


1. Cairn
2. Husk

I just want to slip away to the comfort of sleep, but I'm not yet tired. I guess finding solace in heavy music will have to do for now. This self-titled 7" was released in June via Southern Lord Recordings. Oddly enough, Hissing also calls Seattle (Washington) home so that's two in two nights now. This is their second self-titled EP (if Metal Archives is to be believed), with the first being released in 2015 via the band and Disorder Recordings. There was also a demo sandwiched in between them earlier this year. Hissing plays ungodly black/death. Live show-wise they've supported Black Breath and Theories amongst others in recent months, so they're doing something right.

This is gloriously old-school. Opener Cairn is a feast of black metal atmosphere and deathly screams, fast/slow guitar and percussion that sounds like it’s right in front of you. There’s a slight crustiness to it, which is comforting and after the initial chaos everything settles into a sludgy march. Perfect for those cold winter nights walking alone. The opening riffs of Husk spell out something menacing yet oddly melodic, before Hissing lets rip with more chaotic death metal. They’re at their best when they disregard what’s gone before and go all out, with off-kilter time signatures and swathes of noise. This is not easy listening but with an album on the way in 2017, it’s two tracks are enough for the initiation. Prepare for a rotten year ahead!

Stream and purchase Hissing's S/T EP digitally or on 7" vinyl below:-

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