Tuesday 27 December 2016

In Obscurity Revealed - Grim Fumes of Revelation 7"


1. Storms Conjured
2. Varcolaci

Apologies once again for the prolonged silence, I've been spending time with family and trying to work out where to take this thing next. I'm planning for the new year, but until then I've got a few things to write about. Mexican death metal quartet In Obscurity Revealed are the subject of this evening's review. Following the release of their demo "Spell Of The Seeker" last year, they've joined in infernal partnership with Blood Harvest Records and have released their debut 7". They've appeared alongside the mighty Grave Miasma and Bolzer on their homeland this past June, so that should give you some idea as to the quality they possess. 

In Obscurity Revealed presents a hellishly metallic backdrop on EP opener Storms Conjured. It spews forth in the form of classy old-school death metal that hits all the right spots. It’s loud and precise. Varcolaci is equally as ripping. The kick and snare blasts don’t miss a beat while the rasping screams compliment the guitars and bass well. This is brief but really infectious. It highlights a very different approach, one which favours a clearer sound to that of their peers. In Obscurity Revealed are a cut above many of the South  and Central American acts and will only get better.

You can stream and purchase "Grim Fumes Of Revelation" digitally and on 7" below:-

Blood Harvest Records webstore - http://shop.bloodharvest.se/?product=in-obscurity-revealed-grim-fumes-of-revelation-7ep

In Obscurity Revealed Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/In-Obscurity-Revealed
Blood Harvest Records Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Blood-Harvest-Records

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