Sunday 21 August 2016

Teething/Feastem - Split 7"


1. Teething - Dear Marta
2. Teething - You Live A Life You Don't Like
3. Teething - Shittiest Generation
4. Feastem - New Ethics
5. Feastem - Parasite Zero
6. Feastem - Stitches

It's grinding 7" fury time! Okay so I'm struggling a little this morning after with the dreaded "bangover". In an attempt to wake myself up and feel alive enough to play football later on, I'm sticking this beaut on. Released earlier this year by EveryDayHate in collaboration with Tu Pa Tu Tu Pa Records and L'inphantile Collective (as well as on tape via Grindfather Productions), this split brings together Spain's Teething and Finland's Feastem for a quickfire round of punk-fuelled aural violence. 

There’s no point in running and hiding when you press play in this beast, as it’ll find you and batter you wherever you are. Teething open up with Dear Marta that lurches and writhes to the sound of down-tuned guitars, manic drumming and angry hardcore-driven vocals. You Live A Life You Don’t Like is a sub-one minute hit of pure intensity that’s over before you know it. Shittiest Generation really does gather the pain that we feel in the modern world, moulding it into metallic, grinding hardcore. Feastem are a lot rawer as New Ethics kicks off. The music they perform is no less chaotic though. Raging walls of guitar-led noise battle it out with furious percussive blasts and piercing screams. They hit full flow during Parasite Zero, which features some really menacing riffs and a hint of metal too. They close out the split in exquisite fashion on Stitches (exquisite by grindcore standards anyway!) The wall of noise seems to ratchet of the volume and anger levels to maximum. The result of this split is painful neck ache and a worldview that will never be the same again. My only gripe is that it’s too short.

You can stream the full split below:-

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Tu Pa Tu Tu Pa Records -
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