Tuesday 2 August 2016

Ethereal Riffian - I Am. Deathless EP


1. Drum Of The Deathless
2. Sword Of The Deathless

Just when it seems as though black metal is the only genre that's alive and kicking in the Ukraine, along comes Ethereal Riffian. As their name suggests, they play riffs in the form of stoner, doom and anything else that's slow. The Kiev based quartet started in 2010 and have so far released two full-lengths, a single prior to 2016, where they've already release a live-album before this two-track EP. They've recently self-released an amazing 5cd set, which features limited versions of their back catalogue. 

There’s something very unique about Ethereal Riffian as they begin with Drum Of The Deathless. The Eastern-inspired scales used during the intro section and the use of traditional instruments like the guest Djembe and Didgeridoo (though not traditionally Ukrainian), add extra textures to ER’s engaging sound. The more conventional sound provided by the drums, bass and guitar are complimented by clean vocals and occult chants in English. It’s all really trippy and strangely soothing. The menacing and otherworldly mood continues into Sword Of The Deathless, with the Didgeridoo being more prominent and lending to a sound that’s akin to Aboriginal folk music. It’s hypnotic at time, especially thanks to the repeated lyrics and accompanying melodies. It strikes me that Ethereal Riffian don’t really bother with rules and set song layouts. They’re very proficient musicians (as are their guests) and even though this release contains a mere-two tracks, it’s still chock full of original ideas and exciting music. Definitely a band that should explore further if you appreciate mystical and traditional stoner/doom. 

You can stream and download I Am. Deathless below:-

Ethereal Riffian also has a number of merch/cd bundles available via their bandcamp page.

Robust Fellow Productions helped to put this EP out and you can support them here - https://robustfellow.bandcamp.com

Ethereal Riffian Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/etherealriffian

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