Thursday 18 August 2016

Mont-Dore - Fractures


1. Before We Go
2. Don't Go Wasting Your Devotion
3. Let's Not Slam Doors Anymore
4. Of Course You Are
5. The Longest Silence Ever Heard
6. Show Me Where Is Hurts
7. What You Gave Me Is Not A Gift

Belgium is one of my favourite countries. Obviously the beer is good but also the people are friendly, more laid back than some of their European cousins and the country has a habit of producing some decent bands as well. Mont-Dore are a new band to me and it's thanks to Black Basset Records that I get the chance to hear them. They've been a band since 2012 and have been crafting their own take on post-hardcore/screamo ever since. They released their debut EP "Escalades" in August 2013 and then "Fractures" in April of this year. They've recently returned from a triumphant weekend playing Fluff Fest and Faetzig Camp, where they were able to spread their message of friendship and tolerance. You can't get better ambassadors for Belgium than that!

Fractures begins with the most beautiful melodic guitar build-up on opener Before We Go. Mont-Dore allows their post-hardcore to take hold later on in the song with the help of drums and clean/screamed chant-like vocals. Their screamo influence hits full stride during Don’t Go Wasting Your Devotion, which highlights a raw and sometime frail side to the band. That rawness shows that they’re a band that plays from their heart. The blasts later on in the song almost hit emoviolence levels. There’s no pausing between songs as Let’s Not Slam Doors Anymore tugs at your emotions. It’s a cathartic experience listening to Fractures but it’s one that’s cleansing too. The guitar that fills Of Course You Are makes for a majestic listen. It seems to dominate the song but with the vocals sitting mid-mix it takes on a whole different feel. At time angular, angry and belligerent. Instrumental interlude The Longest Silence Ever Heard reminds me of an old folk ditty (the sort that villages might play around a communal camp fire), except this one gets louder before leading into Show Me Where It Hurts, which immediately hits top gear. Everything about it is meant to assault your senses and get your attention before Mont-Dore settles down and puts a comforting arm around you. As the song fades into closer What You Gave Me Is Not A Gift, I wonder if this is how We Came Out Like Tigers might have sounded like if they hadn’t discovered black metal and carried onwards on their screamo path. That’s just my silly opinion though as Mont-Dore are definitely a band of their own making and are worthy of praise and wider attention. Fractures is a cracking record. Elegantly listenable and painfully thought-provoking. Good work indeed.

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