Monday 22 August 2016

Delayed Departure - Consequences


1. Opus
2. Ocean (feat. Russ Merry)
3. Let's Catch Fire
4. Captive
5. Synopsis
6. Choices

Bridging the gap between indie/alternative rock and heavier music has always been something that UK bands are very good at, just look at recent breakthrough act Mallory Knox and more recently Faces of Eve (who are still very much carving their niche). Farnborough's Delayed Departure is the next name aiming to do just that. "Consequences" is their latest EP, coming just over eighteen months after debut "Crafted". They've certainly got the right attitude with their own merch and a live profile that's building with every gig. This EP was released in January and I'm still catching up.

Consequences starts with Opus, which tugs on all the right strings (no pun intended). It’s full of melodic guitar, clean singing that’s backed up by gang-like chants, It’s quite a rousing entrance for the band and use that momentum well on Ocean. Catchy songs are the bedrock of modern alternative rock and Delayed Departure seem to know what they’re doing in that department. There’s a big nod towards You Me At Six during Let’s Catch Fire and they manage to keep up the intensity with driving instrumentation that borrows from elements of post-hardcore. They temper things a little during Captive, with it’s slower pace and balladry. It does threaten to overspill at times, but Delayed Departure refrains. After the calming nature of the previous song, Synopsis grabs you by the throat. It’s their heaviest and most raucous song on Consequences and it features clever hooks and intelligent song-writing. They let things come to a close in noisy fashion with Choices. Delayed Departure seems to be closing in on their sound and their live experience has helped them to craft an EP that will surely push them to greater heights and new listeners. They can only get stronger.

You can stream and download Consequences below:-

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