Sunday 21 September 2014

This Ends Here - Afterwards EP

This is probably my last post of the weekend. It feels like it's been fairly productive. To close things out, I'm writing about a 7" that only came out last month. Bristol based heavy band This Ends Here released their first 7" via a whole host of record labels (I'll list them later in the review). The band got in touch with me and set over a beautiful sky-blue copy of the 7". I have to say, the whole thing is great. The front-cover artwork is wrapped around the entire sleeve and the record is housed in a light brown paper inner sleeve, instead of the usual white one.


1. Undefeated
2. Resignation
3. Cattlegrid

This Ends Here aren’t the type of band that meanders along and opening song Undefeated features blast beats, melodic guitar and harsh-hardcore vox. All those simple parts have been meshed together in a  no nonsense manner. This isn’t straightforward hardcore though and This End Here can’t by classified under one sub-genre. They appear more minimalistic on Resignation. The bass guitar rules the roost in the opening bars before they allow the lead guitar to add atmosphere. This song is more punk than anything and is damn good for it.

7” closer Cattlegrid is a more thoughtful song and builds at a slower pace. Again, the guitar adds atmosphere through well-played melody. The drum production comes across as a lot rawer too, giving their sound a live edge. At nearly five-minutes, the song gives TEH an opportunity to expand their sound and it finishes on a strangely calming note. Clearly all of the gig playing time has done This Ends Here a lot of good. This 7” is focused and well played. They’ve been through a lot band wise over the last couple of years but with a stable line-up and writing like this, I think they’ll definitely be on the up.

You can stream Afterwards via the band's bandcamp page here:-

It's available to buy on both limited pink or blue vinyl from their page too.

You can also pick it up from the stores of the labels who helped put it out:-

Never Fall Into Silence Records -
Prejudice Me Records -
Wooaaargh Records -
Anarchotic Records -
Let The Bastards Grind - letthebastardsgrind (at) hotmail (dot) com

This Ends Here Facebook -
Never Fall Into Silence Records Facebook -
Prejudice Me Records Facebook -
Wooaaargh Records Facebook -
Anarchotic Records Facebook -
Let The Bastards Grind Facebook - 

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