Saturday 20 September 2014

Colossloth - Anchored By Lungs EP

Today sparks the start of the great catch up. I'm taking the opportunity over the coming weeks to try and increase my productivity. Starting with a few releases by British bands and labels. Experimental/noise/doom band Colossloth contacted me back in February (sorry for the delay) with the link to this EP. I've not featured much experimental noise recently, so it seems like the perfect time to dive into this EP's three-tracks, which was released via Bristol's Peripheral Records late last year.


1. Anchored By Lungs
2. Welcome Home Mourning Voyeur
3. Feint Hearted

Colossloth sits at the end of the doom spectrum that’s reserved only for the bravest of souls. I use the doom term quite loosely too, as while there are hints of it within Colossloth’s music, it’s shrouded in droning, looping electronics. This comparison is a huge cliche, but Anchored By Lungs reminds you of those early moments playing Silent Hill in a darkened room. Your senses are heightened to the point of paranoia.

The piano that greets you on Welcome Home Mourning Voyeur bare’s the sound of a slightly haunting and out of tune music box, which slowly get drowned out by the gusting feedback and what could be described as a chainsaw. This song plays through movements of melody, giving way to layered noise before looping back to it’s starting point. Strangely psychopathic but fun.

The land of the rising sun springs to mind at the start of Feint Hearted. Don’t ask me why I think that. There’s not much in the way of percussion on the EP, as for the most part it’s entirely electronic. That being said though, while a lot of electronic music can become boring, Colossloth breathes bizarre new life into the sub-genre.

Stream Anchored By Lungs here - 

It can be downloaded from the above bandcamp page for £3!

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