Sunday 21 September 2014

Iron Witch/The Atrocity Exhibit - Split 7"

In late 2013, Liverpudlian sludge band Iron Witch joined forces with Northampton/Milton Keynes grind trio The Atrocity Exhibit for this two-track split. It was a joint release between Witch Hunter Records and Dead Chemists Records (who're sadly on hiatus at the moment).

Iron Witch have been playing their brand of Eyehategod worship since 2011, with several demos, EP's and 7"s to their name. They've been playing everywhere recently and have started to record demo tracks that could eventually find their way onto a full-length. I saw them at TDON 10 earlier this year and that gig cemented why I hold them is such high regard.

The Atrocity Exhibit, alongside fellow UK grinders The Afternoon Gentleman, are a bit of an institution now. Since their first demo in 2008, they've released two full-lengths and countless EP's and splits. Their tour/gig ethic is also strong, with appearances planned alongside the likes of SixBrewBantha, Archagathus and Annal Nathrakh in October alone!


1. Iron Witch - Her Cheating Heart
2. The Atrocity Exhibit - Throne Of Bile

Iron Witch open this split with Her Cheating Heart and one of the mightiest riff’s this side of their NOLA heroes. The low-end takes control here to mighty effect and the screams that sit over the top are as harrowing as Morrow himself. The lead melody toward the end adds some brief light to what is essentially a claustrophobia-filled slab. I really hope this is the direction that Iron Witch take with their debut album. 

The Atrocity Exhibit approach their contribution Throne Of Bile from a different angle. Ringing feedback leads to violently delivered sludge with blood-curdling screams. They really compliment this split by toning down their usual higher tempo grind and replacing it with something slower. The feedback can sometimes be really piercing, but again it adds to the listening experience, especially when turned up.

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