Saturday 6 September 2014

Gatecreeper - Gatecreeper EP

The last band I reviewed from Goatprayer Records (Napalm Christ) ended up releasing a 12" through A389 Records. I guess reviewing another one won't hurt. US death metallers Gatecreeper released their debut self-titled tape via Goatprayer Records in April. Since that release they've announced shows alongside Skeletonwich and Code Orange Kids, as well as announcing a 12" release via King Of The Monsters Records and Protagonist Music, which is due out in October. Things are definitely moving forward for these guys.

The tape was released on metallic silver tape and contained all four tracks repeated on both sides, limited to 100 copies. Both band and label have sole out of it.


1. Void Below
2. Force Fed
3. Overdose
4. Slave

Death metal appears to be coming full circle. I know it’s always been popular in it’s truest forms, but after a brief period where it was aligned to hardcore to create the whole late 90’s early 00’s metalcore/NWOAHM thing, it seems to be back where it should be, ripping people’s heads off. 

Gatecreeper are another exponent of it’s modern age and their debut EP propels them in the right direction. Instantly, opening track Void Below throws out some of the loudest death metal I’ve heard this year and with that added US touch to what our Swedish godfathers created, t’s obvious that Gatecreeper are onto something.

The word riff typifies Force Fed. That opening passage of metallic-laden guitar grabs your attention as the band careens through a sludgy mid-paced dirge. Don’t take that the wrong way either, as Force Fed goes further to prove what a powerhouse Gatecreeper are.

They wind up a gear again for Overdose, with huge layers of sound, plenty of thrash flourishes and a well-places solo. The latter half of the song, complete with sludgy breakdown and twin guitars will bring a smile to even the most soulless of music fans, 

Gatecreeper bring things to a close with Slave and this is where they channel their inner Slayer. It’s okay though, as they don’t ape that influence, they use it to add an extra dimension to their sound and it’s good. They may be loud and intense, but they’re also controlled and musical. As Slaves fades out, you’re eager to press repeat and blast away. This is very good indeed. 

You can stream Gatecreeper's EP here:-

Also, make sure you support them by buying a download from their bandcamp page.

They had some awesome t-shirts for sale too featuring the tape's cover art, but it looks like they're out of stock too. I'll be first in line if they re-stock!

Gatecreeper Facebook -
Goatprayer Records Facebook -

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