Friday 22 August 2014

Wizard Fight - The Beast Lives Demo Tape

Space is a premium it seems and my room at home can't take many more records/tapes. I'm looming to move out, but am not looking forward to shifting my collection. Luckily tapes don't take up a lot room, whereas 350 records and over 500 CD's do!

The orange tape that contains the Wizard Fight demo is encased in Headless Guru's signature card sleeve. I love these sleeves, which are made by ACDSleeve in the UK. Wizard Fight are a three-piece sludge band from Hastings and fit right in on the label alongside War Wolf and Sea Bastard. Their debut demo was released in February.


1. The Devil Rides
2. Wizard Of Black
3. Thine Enemies

Wizard Fight’s demo features some ace live-recorded sludge. It’s rough around the edges, but nobody wants a super-slick sludge band anyway. The Devil Rides is slow but the riffs provide enough melody and bass-groove to draw you in. There’s blues is them there solos too!

Wizard Of Black transports me back to the lethargic, semi-hungover stupor I was in this morning. I went to see Swinelord and Trudger in Leeds last night and had fun, until I slipped on the wet stairs and feel down. As such, I was aching like a bastard this morning! Back to the song itself, which starts off slow and then settles into a great mid-paced sludge track with elements of stoner hidden within it.

The bass sound that rumbles away during Thine Enemies is earth-shatteringly low. For a sludge band, Wizard Fight don’t prat about with noodling versus or lacklustre psych sections. They just make glorious noise. That’s how it bloody should be. 

You can listen to the whole thing here:-

You can get the demo as a name-you-price download from Headless Guru Records above or directly from Wizard Fight themselves, form whom you can also buy tape and cdr copies. Do it!

Wizard Fight Facebook -
Headless Guru Records Facebook -

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