Monday 25 August 2014

Mutilation Process - Flesh Eaters EP

Musicians by nature are very productive people. I mean, take Rogga Johansson as an example. He's a member of or has been a member of so many bands including Ribspreader, Putrevore, Demiurg and Swarming (which also featured Lasse Pyykko of Hooded Menace fame). That example leads me onto Mutilation Process quite nicely, as this new band features Markus Makkonen (Hooded Menace) alongside Cris Pervertor of Italian Black metallers Satanika/Massemord. With the line-up completed by Satanika drummer Aeternus, Mutilation Process joined the Horror Pain Gore Death Productions roster, with whom they are due to release their debut album in 2015. As a precursor, they've recently released this digital two-track EP.


1. Flesh Eaters
2. Possessed By The Worms Of Satan

Flesh Eaters starts with a mid-paced sludgy intro, before the death-thrash takes over. The riffs buzz in the middle of the mix while the vocals are made up of rasping, low screams. This is definitely not your modern, polished death metal and it sounds all the better for it. The raw sound harks back to death’s early days.

Possessed By The Worms Of Satan is more mid-paced still and the guitar sound is thicker. It’s not got the initial impact of the title-track and it edges closer to four-minutes, but it does feature some subtly clever lead-work, which adds thoughtful melody to the song.

Flesh Eaters is a solid intro to Mutilation Process and it manages to build excitement for the impending debut album in 2015. If you like old-school death metal, then you can’t go wrong with Mutilation Process.

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