Monday 18 August 2014

Gods Of Chaos - March Into Perdition

The exhausting march to feature as many unsigned band as I can carries on. This time, it's the turn of Zabreb noise makers Gods Of Chaos. They're a pretty unclassifiable band and that's why I've chosen to review their 2012 release - March Into Perdition.

I don't think Gods Of Chaos have received too much coverage amongst blogs and mags, though they did have a song on the 2nd/3rd volume of the Monomaniac LP series, which was released by Blastbeat Mailmurder from Greece. That label is run by Panos Agoros of Greek band Dephosphorus, so the Monomaniac series is pretty reliable!


1. Twitching Sours
2. A Swarm Of Bats In A Raging Hailstorm
3. Nuclear Phantom Warhowl
4. The Drug Of Joy
5. Black Alert/Lack Of Earth
6. Dealers Of Nadir
7. Crystalized Telekinetic Mindfuck
8. Crush The Skulls Of All Fucking Posers
9. Conquer All!!!
10. Grinning With An Errection At The Gallows
11. Skullfucking Despair

Sometimes, It’s good to approach a band with no prior knowledge or genre-related expectation. It certainly pays with Gods Of Chaos. March Into Perdition’s opener Twitching Sours is pretty mental by all accounts. It’s a mix of off-kilter grind and spaced-out rock n roll influenced noise. It’s fast and off-kilter. A Swarm Of Bats… is a mix of the same, but also features very brief sludge passages. There is melody hidden below the noise and feedback. Their penchant for humour filled song-titles like Nuclear Phantom Warhowl, proves that they don’t take themselves too seriously as do the expletive that adorn their Bandcamp and Facebook pages. The song itself is expands further on their craziness. 
The Drug Of Joy could be explaining the emotion or just whatever drug Gods Of Chaos are infusing with their instrumentation and song-structures, as it’s a bit of a mind-melt trying to follow it. It’s good to give your brain a workout though! The flourishes of noise that close out their songs, would be great were it not for the pauses between them, but that’s only a minor complaint from me. Black Alert/Lack Of Earth could be the bastard child of psychedelic screamo, especially where the guitars are concerned. It’s two and a half minutes of pure lunacy. 

March Into Perdition isn’t all fast though. Gods Of Chaos manage to fit in some mid-paced songs like Dealers Of Nadir, which stretches passed the four-minute mark. Okay, so it’s only really mid-paced at the start, as it’s not long before they break out into more grinding chaos. It’s a mighty song full of great riffs, blastbeats and tortured screams. There are more tripped-out textures during Crystalized Telekinetic Mindfuck. Mind you, the clues in the title! Gods Of Chaos show their disdain for false fans of metal in Crush The Skulls Of All Fucking Posers, which is short and snappy. Conquer All!!! reminds you of old-school hardcore with the scuzzy guitar.  Grinning With An Errection At The Gallows has a much thicker guitar-sound than previous songs. It’s build up is much more metal-orientated. That’s where it ends though, as the following two-minutes are pretty hard to call. It’s stop/start grind-laden noise. It all closes with the Skullfucking Despair, which is close to what you’ll be feeling if you’ve been listening to this album, alone in a darkened room. I mean that statement is the best possible way though, because as the intro’s tempo gets slower and slower, you’ll have already submitted to this album’s insanity/genius. It’s a test from start too finish, but like the rest of the album, it’s worth every skull-jarring second. Apparently the band don't like it anymore, but don't let that put you off!

You can stream March Into Perdition (as well as download the album opener Twitching Sours, for free) below:-

The full album is available to download for 5 Euros.

Gods Of Chaos Facebook -

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