Sunday 3 August 2014

Dropdead/Ruidosa Inmundicia - Split 7"

It's Sunday evening and the daily grind begins again tomorrow (for those of us lucky enough to work 9-5's), for everyone else it probably never ended. To get myself in the right frame of mind for the week ahead, I plucked this out of my electronic review pile. A split from US political hardcore mainstay's Dropdead. This isn't the first split they've contributed to recently, having released one with Converge, one with Systematic Death and even more recently one with Brainoil. This one features awesome Austrian punks Ruidosa Inmundicia and it was released in 2013 via Providence, US based label/record store Armageddon (who have also released the Systematic Death one).


1. Dropdead - A Fall Of Empires
2. Dropdead - Last Breath
3. Ruidosa Inmundicia - Donde Esta La Solucion
4. Ruidosa Inmundicia - Asco
5. Ruidosa Inmundicia - Blanco Y Negro

This split features five songs in as many minutes. Dropdead’s A Fall Of Empires and Last Breath are both to-the-point. Featuring fast drumming, clear hardcore riffs and crazed vocals. The production job is rad too and really makes the songs sound loud and mean. There are some thrash elements within their songs, but this is still killer old-school hardcore at it’s best.

Ruidosa Inmundicia being with Donde Esta La Solucion, which features Spanish lyrics and female/male mixed vocals. They provide the perfect partners for Dropdead, as both bands share the same punk mentality. Asco and Blanco Y Negro both flash past in less than a minute. Asco features some great fist-in-the-air riffs and Blanco Y Negro does not let up in the pace department. When they do slow to a slight groove, they still sound mighty.

You can stream Dropdead's tracks via their bandcamp page here:-

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