Saturday 14 December 2013

Machinist! - Black List 7"

I broke up from work for Christmas, which mean I should be able to get a load of review written in between the festivities. I'm using this afternoon to write my other two hardcore seven inch reviews, thanks to Speedowax Records. This one features Georgia, US hardcore band Machinist! Their debut five-track record Black List, was released earlier this year. It was limited to 100 copies, with five different coloured sleeves as part of the label's sixteenth birthday.


1. Keys
2. Of My Tongue (ft. Jon from Sleep Patterns)
3. Tusk And Teeth
4. Teen Wolf
5. Prayed Upon

Machinist! play fast hardcore, laced with power-violence.  Keys is a powerful opening song, showing plenty of menacing intent. For Of My Tongue, they are joined by Jon from a band called Sleep Patterns from Florida. His vocals add a caustic energy to Machinist’s sound and are a perfect fit for their fast tempo’s.

Tusk And Teeth is twenty-six seconds long. It’s over in the blink of an eye, but still features plenty of breakneck riffs and percussion. I thought a song called Teen Wolf would be tongue-in-cheek, but something tells me this is not. Machinist! keep it simple and blasting, with a hint of thrash coming though in the song. They manage to increase the intensity with Prayed Upon, which is a longer song with a heavier stomp. The bass rumbles through it and there’s more space for the instruments too. 

This seven inch is short and completely to the point, which is the way hardcore should be. Machinist! actually have a new record out, which is great because this thing is too short. It shows good musicianship when a band can appeal to both the moshing pit-freaks and the more reserved, appreciative hardcore fans, but somehow Machinist! manage it no problem.

Now, get your mosh on to Machinist! here:-

Black List is also up as a pay-what-you-want download.

You can buy the seven-inch from Speedowax here -

Machinist Facebook -
Speedowax Facebook -

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