Thursday 19 December 2013

Cardiac Arrest/Mutant Supremacy - Split 7"

That artwork's a bit chilling! What more could you want though from a death metal split. Chicago's Cardiac Arrest joined forces with NYC's Mutant Supremacy for a four-track seven-inch, which was released by Horror Pain Gore Death Productions in July.

Cardiac Arrest have been pumping out squalid death jams since 1997 and this split was the follow up to their 2012 album - Vortex of Violence. They've managed to notch up four full-lengths and are still going strong. In comparison, Mutant Supremacy are still very much at the star of their career, having formed in 2007 and released a demo, an EP and a full-length prior to this split. They do feature a live member of Deiphago amongst their ranks. which is pretty cool.


1. Cardiac Arrest - Unhinged
2. Cardiac Arrest - Self-Loathing
3. Mutant Supremacy - Gruesome Tableau
4. Mutant Supremacy - They Came With Fire

Sometimes, all you want is some disgusting, noisy death metal with lashing of grind. That’s what this split gives you. Cardiac Arrest start it off with the first of their two tracks, Unhinged. It’s a pretty apt song title as this song’s pace doesn’t let up for a single minute. The growls are deep, the band sound like they are in the room with you and the din from the cymbals is deafening.The final forty seconds feature some of the fastest drumming I’ve heard i ages and a frantic solo. perfect! Their second song, Self-Loathing carries on where Unhinged left off, but with more punk. As much speed but in half the time. It’s over before you know it.

Mutant Supremacy are very much kindred spirits of Cardiac Arrest. They take their licks from the same school of death too. The production, as it was with the A-side is raw but it serves the band well, especially when the screaming solo takes charge towards the end of Gruesome Tableau. By the time They Came With Fire rages into view, you won’t know which way is up. At times it sounds more controlled though the dissonance and feedback, but don’t let it lure your into a false sense of security. It’s brutal.

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