Thursday 12 December 2013

Kato - Buried With The Rain 7"

Carrying on from where I left off on Monday night, here's a review of the latest seven inch from US hardcore band Kato. Buried With The Rain is a three-track record that was released as a collaboration between Speedowax Records and fellow UK label Middle Ground Records. Their not just a hardcore though, they also add post-metal and doom into the mix.


1. Yet His Shadow Still Looms
2. And All of The Rats Gather
3. Dust of Earth

Atmospherics are used more and more nowadays to build anticipation and none more so is that the case than in post-metal. Bands like Isis and Neurosis have been using them for years, alongside bands like Year of No Light and countless doom bands. Kato use them to rouse the listener during seven-inch opener Yet His Shadow Still Looms. It gives way to lightly plucked guitar, with a subtle undercurrent of droning noise, that does actually sound strangely tuneful. The majority of the song is instrumental, switching between dissonant heaviness and moments of calm. It’s not until the three and a half minute point that Kato introduce vocals to the song. Their vicious screams too and fit right in amongst the doom-laden hardcore.

And All of The Rats Gather keeps the atmosphere dark and dank, with a sampled speech playing over the top of more guitar-led dissonance. Without warning Kato explode into a grinding, sprawling mass before settling back into a more mid-paced hardcore rhythm. It carries on the caustic energy that was hinted at towards the end of the opener. The textures and melodies created by the guitars keep a haunting presence during the verse.

End song Dust of Earth is the most straightforward in terms of hardcore flair, but it still airs on the darkened  side of the genre. For a three-piece, when Kato get going, they go for the jugular. They sound almost European in their delivery, which is pretty refreshing too. These three tracks are long enough to leave an impression and shows the band in an experimental and menacing light. The melody that underpins the album keeps it from sounding muddied and Kato have more than enough instrumental house between them to take it further. Good stuff indeed!

Buried With The Rain is available to stream via Kato's bandcamp page:-

You can grab the record as a free download from Kato's bandcamp page.

You can also get it in luscious vinyl form from Speedowax Records here - and from Middle Ground Records here -

Kato Facebook -
Speedowax Facebook -
Middle Ground Records Facebook -

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