Sunday 15 December 2013

100,000 Readers!

I'm chuffed to say that This Noise Is Ours has hit a major milestone. I've gained over 100,000 readers since I started this three years ago, which is a figure I never even considered hitting. I just wanted so say thanks for everyone's support and to all the labels and band how have submitted music and continue to do so. 

To celebrate this milestone, I'm excited to announce a new digital compilation, which will see the light of day in early 2014. This is different to my first one in that it will be solely curated by new US label ANVILEATER RECORDS. The aim of this comp and future comps is to spread the word about DIY and underground labels and the bands that they support. I will be inviting other labels to do the same in the future too.

You can check out ANVILEATER RECORDS here -


Once again thanks for all the support. There's still plenty more to come from me :)

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