Thursday 2 February 2012

We Break Hearts! Not Hymens - Suicide is the Most Honest Form of Self-Deprecating Humour EP

We Break Hearts Not Hymens are a metal band from Sheffield, which seems be churning out some right good metal bands at the moment. They also have one of the longest EP titles I've seen in ages. This the first of two reviews I'm doing on the band.

This three tracker starts with a great slab of modern, melodic metal, The track is called Crabomination, which as the name suggests, is about Crabs. It's a tongue in cheek stab at current fad genres, and certainly made me laugh, especially as on Facebook, We Break Hymns Not Hymens call their music Crabcore.

The musicianship is tight on this EP, with breakdowns and blood curdling low growls, alongside clean singing and some really upbeat drumming. They also use some pretty good effects, to bring their songs too life, especially on 2nd track Hooker By Night, Organ Thief By Morning. There's even some an electro-inspired passage, which is promptly followed by deathly growls, which is pretty much as opposite as you could be.

Final song I'm A Shark starts with some great harmonised guitar, before a hilarious opening verse and crushing breakdown. At times, it reminds me of the music you used to get on old Gameboy games. I can also see it being played on Spongebob Squarepants, which might have something to do with the Aquatic theme of the lyrics.

The EP is really entertaining during it's short playing time and shows a band who don't take themselves too seriously, and obviously are all about having fun. This is definitely party metal!

You can pick up this EP via their Facebook at Also, stay tuned for my review of their sophomore record, shortly.

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