Friday 3 February 2012

We Break Hearts! Not Hymens - Bitches On My Dick EP

Well, this is my second We Break Hearts! Not Hymens review in two days. This time it's on their second EP - Bitches On My Dick, so I can expect more tongue-in cheek humour!

Their first song is an ode to TOWIE, as it's called Looking Reem, Smelling Reem, Being Reem. Reem. It's another electro-infused, metal track, with breakdowns, growls and what I can guess are actual TOWIE soundbites. It's actually quite a funny song, although the purists probably won't think so! Cute Is What We Maim For, is also a play on words. The more I listen to WBH!TH, they remind of their American cousins, Blessed By A Broken Hearts, although on this song they do manage to weave in some pretty cool, angular riffs. The death metal growls in the song are also pretty disconcerting and the production, while a bit quieter than their previous EP, does sound more organic, even the auto-tune. Their third song is a metal cover of Do It Like A Dude, by Jessie J. I don't think there's anything else I can say about this really. It has to be heard to be believed.

Overall this album is a clever mix of modern metal, with a big nod to more mainstream pop and dance music, intertwined within it. It won't be too everyone's tastes, but I have to say, the metal withing is pretty crushing and I really like it. Again WBH!NH don't take themselves to seriously, and that helps make listening to Bitches On My Dick a better experience.

So, if you want to hear it for yourselves, head over to, where you can download it for free. You've got no excuse to at least check it out and decide for yourselves!

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