Tuesday 14 February 2012

Melody Of Your Demise - We Call The Shots EP

York based metalcore band Melody Of  Your Demise, are a band that I featured on this blog a fair while back. Since I featured them, a lot has changed, including their name, which is now A Traitor's Legacy.

This EP, We Call The Shots, was the last music they recorded as Melody Of Your Demise and again, I've had this waiting for a while, so have finally got around to posting about it.

We Call The Shots is three track of modern metalcore, with a rocky influence, and a penchant for amusing song titles, just check out Does This Drink Taste Like Rohypnol to You?, and the cleverly titled It Was Fear of Flying That Gave Me Wings.

They mix heavy riffs and vocals with modern, melodic clean singing. Their sound will definitely appeal to the newer breed of metal fan and will translate really well in a live arena. These guys are finding their feet, especially since their name change, and this EP sees them injecting more humour into their songs, but with a sense of aggression that shows they've got an axe to grind.

The instrumentation works really well on the EP, with the guitars sounding melodic and the band not focusing on breakdowns to get their point across.

In their new form as A Traitor's Legacy, they've got a teaser up on Facebook, which is purely instrumental at the moment, but hints at a new interesting dimension for the band. Keep your eyes peeled on their page at http://www.facebook.com/ATraitorsLegacy for news on what they've got coming up.

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