Sunday 13 November 2011

Scotland blasts part 1 - Agonised Deformity

So, to the first part of my feature on the varied angles of the Scottish metal scene. So far I've covered Thrash metal from Edinburgh, but now I'm moving a short distance away to Glasgow and the gore infested death metal of Agonised Deformity.

Agonised Deformity are a fairly new band themselves, they formed in early 2010 and include a member of much lauded death metallers Cerebral Bore. Forming part of a growing extreme metal scene north of the border, has scene sharing the stage with Cerebral Bore and Severe Torture, amongst others.

Agonised Deformity are Ross Howie on vocals, Andy and Stuart Higgins on guitar and Mike Mcluaghlin on bass. They are currently also looking for a drummer.

Also, earlier this year, Agonised Deformity released a three track demo on CD, Cassette and digitally.

The EP is exactly what you'd expect from a death metal demo. Fast, machine guns drumming with lots of double bass, chainsaw riffing and low/high dual growls. The production of the demo is good, but still sounds distinctly old school. The songs don't outstay their welcome and have enough variation in them, so not as to completely bludgeon the listener.

The song titles remind me very much of Carcass or Cannibal Corpse titles, especially the second track, being called Anatomical Catalogues of Disfigurement. Each song is pure brutal death metal, with no modern metal trappings that other bands seem to fall into. In a scene that is measured by how fast and brutal bands can play, it's still good to see new bands coming through and adding their own spin on death metal. With this demo under their  belts and plenty more shows to come, I'm sure that more people will start to pay attention to Agonised Deformity. They have a good pedigree already and that will only grow as they grow as a band.

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