Sunday 13 November 2011

Scotland blasts Part 2 - Disposable

I came across Disposable when I was doing some research in the Edinburgh heavy metal scene a while back. Now, most of the bands I found were extreme metal bands, which I covered in a previous feature, but these guys are a thrash metal band and one that seems to be going about their thrashing properly. 

The new was of thrash or whatever you want to call it, is a funny thing. It's become popular to be in an 80's throwback thrash band, and there's nothing wrong with them, but like all flavour of the month scene's, they can get diluted by the sheer number of bands cropping up. Thankfully, Disposable seem different. They're still young and they remind me of stories I've read of kids in the 80s, forming metal bands because it's dangerous and to play sweaty gigs in really small venues.

Anyway, Disposable is made up of Wilb on bass and vocals, Andbawr and Jackal on guitar and Leez on drums. They even have pseudonyms!

They have just recently released their first EP, which they've been handing out for free at shows to get there music out to an many people as possible. It's also available digitally, so I thought I'd do a small review.

Their EP consists of three tracks, J, Leave This Place and the title track Disposable. The production is really good but still sounds rough and ready, which for thrash metal is no bad thing. Disposable employ relentless drumming, great buzzsaw riffage as well as well placed twin guitar harmonies. There is some very deft guitar solos and the vocals have a nice crossover feel to them, a bit like Slayer and Municipal Waste.

As the EP rages on, you get a great sense of the musicianship that has gone into each song, and for a band that is still young, it's encouraging. They're able to put their own stamp on a genre that can sound formulaic if done half-heatedly and pave the way for great things in the future.

If you live around the Edinburgh area, you can pick up a copy of the EP from the band at shows, but it's also available digitally via Mediafire at

Also make sure you vist their Facebook page at and check out their merch at BigCartel at

I strongly recommend that you check Disposable, as they are another great example of diversity that sits in the Edinburgh and wider Scottish metal scene.

Also, feel free to go and visit Stay Ahead's Facebook page at I'd love to hear from anyone who checks out my blog. Thanks. James.

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