Sunday 13 November 2011

No Frequency - Interview

Yesterday I posted a feature and EP review about Spanish modern metal band No Frequency. The guys were cool enough to answer some questions for me on their band and the Spanish Scene.

You've been together as a band since 2009. What inspired you to form No Frequency?

Well, basically No Frequency started in the way we guess many bands start: to stop losing time and do something usefull instead. It didn't really start as a serious project as you can see, it just started shaping up later with all the other members coming along (Carlos, Pablo and Javi). In 2009 the band finished it's lineup and we started writing songs and playing together.

What is the Spanish metal/hardcore scene like at the moment?

Well, the scene is pretty young at the moment, but it is growing fast and consistently. There aren’t many bands in our country and those that do exist are all friends. But lately there has been a rise of new bands that are coming along with a lot of strength. Another thing is that many more important bands have started visiting our country: Spain wasn't a common destination on the euro-tours. But lately they have started passing by, leaving behind some great shows. A side effect of this is that people are starting to notice the local bands as well, thus helping develop the scene more and more.

How easy has it been for you to play gigs in Spain and have been able to get across to other parts   of Europe yet?

We haven't actually gotten the chance to play outside Spain yet, we're looking forward to getting the chance. We've played several gigs around our country though, in cities such as Barcelona, Vigo, A Coruña, Valencia and other cities. It hasn't been easy but neither impossible: it just takes a lot of work and dedication. Knowing who to contact and specially having economic resource (transport and gas) is the key to being able to move around.

What influences you as a band, musical or otherwise?

We listen to a lot of hardcore and metal and all that goes in between. some of us listen from the most old school hardcore, others to the new modern hardcore and others listen to classic metal or metalcore. Some of us also listen to more acoustic or post-rock bands that give us another point of view of music, different from the one that the music we play gives us.

What has been your proudest achievement so far?

Our proudest achievement is to be able to play with all these great bands and people that have become a part of what the Spanish scene is. As we said before, we all know each other and it is always a great pleasure and a great honor to share the stage with them. To be able to play, have fun and continue doing what we love is our proudest achievement.

What plans have you got for the future?

We're working on our future LP now, writing new songs and trying to discover new sounds to make it the most original it can be (within some limits of course). That and try to play some shows out of Spain. Both things would be great to achieve and definitely would take this dream we're living to another step.

Can you tell us about any bands in your local scene that we should check out?

There are many bands from our local scene you should definitely check out. Those that could mostly surprise you are: Memories, A New Heaven Arise, The Eleventh Failure, Thirteen Bled Promises, Dawn Of The Maya or Clouds Over Normandy. They are all great bands and even greater persons.

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