Saturday 12 November 2011

No Frequency - We Lucky Few

No Frequency are a metal band based in Madrid, Spain. They formed in 2009 and this is their debut EP. No Frequency are Carlos on vocals, Lucas and Pablo on guitar, Javi on bass guitar and Pedro on drums.

No Frequency have been making a name for themselves in Spain by sharing stages with the likes of Bleed From Within, Adept and More Than A Thousand.

Well, with song titles like Courage, Truth and Commitment, No Frequency are obviously indebted to the hardcore scene, but in listening to We Lucky Few, their debut EP, they weave more influence and skill into their music, so it's not easy to pigeonhole them.
The music they create consists of crushing vocals, shredding guitar, and a crushing rhythm section, but it's all done with a modern sheen. The use of gang vocals and breakdowns again show their influences, but alongside the other parts of their sound, they add to the overall effect. 

The EP is seven tracks long, which is long for an EP, but it doesn't outstay it's welcome by any means. The tracks are on average around the 3-4 minute mark and show that No Frequency know how to right a song that leaves people wanting more. The music isn't all breakdowns and growls though, No Frequency are very skilled musicians, including some cool rock and roll solo's into their songs and even using some scando-inspired off kilter riffs, for variation.

The production is what you'd expect as well, very modern but it's able to let each instrument shine through the mix and the emphasis on the crushing bass drops, will no doubt be popular when used in a live setting. It'll be really interesting to see how these guys develop in the future. They have managed to produce an EP which most new bands would kill to release and with the hooks and skill to back it up, they should start rising quickly, not just in the native Spain, but globally!

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